Sardinia pearl of the Mediterranean.

General info about Sant’Antioco island:

The Mediterranean island of Sant’Antioco in the Southwestern of Sardinia, offers everything you could wish for from a holiday. A place where you can still enjoy the rare beauty of nature and sample the simple pleasures of life.

Here you will encounter among other things, virgin beaches, untamed countryside, spectacular salt flats dotted with flamingos, rare migratory and hunting birds and other wildlife, all set against a back drop of the stunning colours of Sant’Antioco’s emerald sea.

You can read the fascinating story of our land, in the stones of the Nuraghi, in the excavated antique ceramics and captivating jewellery of the Phoenicians.

You can savour the authentic and genuine flavours of our island, noted for its abundance of fresh seafood, including specialities such as La Bottarga, shellfish and many other delicacies found in the surrounding seas.

In contrast you can also sample the food of our pastoral traditions, such as, fresh ravioli filled with pecorino, hand made pastas, such as gnocchetti, and roast suckling pig, infused with the delicate scent of myrtle leaves, so typical of our cuisine. All of which we suggest, you accompany with our famed Carignano wine.

You will find all this and so much more on the island of Sant’Antioco. A place we hope you will be tempted to discover, take your time to explore and will wish to return again and again.

We are waiting for you.

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