The property offers all the comforts in order to providing autonomy for every possible needs.

Sardinian cuisine offered in Sant’Antioco, however, suggests to take into account the alternatives offered by the “old flavor” many restaurants, from traditional dishes “porceddu” (Sardinian suckling pig) to more common fish and sea foods.
From “malloreddus” (the famous Sardinian gnocchi) to “cullurgionis” (typical dumplings), and finally the renowned wines Vernaccia, Monica, Malvasia, Vermentino, Cannonau, just to name a few, typical from Sardinia; don’t forgtet to taste Carignano del Sulcis, typical of Sant’Antioco and surroundings.

A special mention deserve two traditional liqueurs: “Mirto”, an aromatic digestive made with the leaves and berries of the myrtle, and the Sardinian grappa “Filu ‘e ferru” that can go with a meal worthy of the typical sweets, often with almonds, raisins or honey. Do not miss the “seadas” or “sebadas” from Sant’Antioco: they are fried pies, stuffed with cheese, covered with honey and served hot.

We can not forget, in this regard, the great production and variety of cheeses, especially sheep’s milk, a mainstay of Sardinia.

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